About Us

We at Swan’s Caribbean Cuisine would like to welcome you to our Islands and into our kitchen.

Through our Gourmet Selection of fine Caribbean fare, we’ll transport you back to a place and time, when relaxing on the beach or climbing a breathtaking waterfall was your priority; when taking a sunset cruise or dancing to the “riddyms” of steel drums or some reggae was the order of the day.

And when all was said and done, remember the feeling that you had when you sat down under that moonlit sky, dining beneath the stars with the gentle sea breeze blowing off the ocean. Then it happened, you were seduced by your first taste of our mouthwatering
Where our combination of fresh herbs and spices, along with traditional marinades, you had that explosion of flavor where your taste buds indulged in gastronomical pleasures before unknown.

Our history starts with romantic notions of pirates and buccaneers to the harsh realities of slavery. Where the combination of African roots mixed with Chinese and Indian cultures has created that unique flavor that’s all Caribbean. We are committed to bringing those generations of old recipes that sometimes were born out of necessity as well as some of the most creative dishes the World has seen. We are also committed to providing unbelievable healthy and nutritional food, where low sodium, low fat and cholesterol are not just a diet but a way of living, as well as Rastafarian influenced vegetarian entrees, as varied as they are tasty.

So, please joins us through our cuisine, on a journey that will take you back to the Islands again and
again and again………………from our Kitchen to your Table…………to be continued……..